The story of 59-year-old Patson Nkhata does not only speak volumes of the saying "no body is above the law", but it also tells a story of how the poor would equally smile if justice is properly administered.

Nkhata of T/A Kaluluma in Kasungu district was twice a victim of crime. First, he was heavily attacked by armed robbers whilst on duty as a watchman at Ross Collen Baptist Missionary in Area 3, Lilongwe. Secondly, Nkhata was a victim of theft that surprisingly took place at the backyard of a police station at Area 3 where his bicycle was stolen from a police evidence cage.

"Sometimes you tend to wonder what is going on with your life, what does the universe have against you" Seeing him five years later, it is still evident that the robbers left Nkhata with severe injuries to his right hand and massive scars and bruises to his upper body, and one can only imagine the kind of pain he felt. Further pain was inflicted on the victim as the robbers also went away with his personal bicycle among other properly stolen on that fateful night.

The area 3 robbery was reported to Police who tracked down the suspects, apprehended them and recovered all the property including Nkhata’s bicycle valued at around k40, 000.00, bringing a glimmer of hope that the now wounded father of five would get back on his trusted mode of transport. But this did not come to pass for over five years.

"I hardly can afford public transport, the bicycle was the only means of transport that I used to get to my place of work and run other important errands in my efforts to try and provide for my family" Nkhata's bicycle together with the rest of the recovered items were tendered in court as evidence in the year 2013.

Ironically, thieves entered a police exhibit cage and stole, among others, Nkhata's bicycle while the matter was still in Court. That was the beginning of additional suffering for Nkhata.

Published by: henri Kachisi
published on: 2018-10-26 - 15:50:00