Christian Kambula is a 32 year old mother of one, she appears to be calm, kind and at the same time a very cheerful person.

Her demeanor is in complete contrast to the lady who first appeared at the Office of the Ombudsman (OoO) in 2017. On that particular occasion over a year ago, she had on her face a weary and defeated expression.

There are very few events throughout a lifetime that can impact or inspire a person so profoundly, which will change their outlook on the world and affect them forever. One of those events occurred on 21st January 2013; a day which was supposed to mark the journey of a life time for Christina.

Two weeks after starting a permanent teaching job at M’bang’ombe primary school in Lumbadzi, Kambula, she was told by the District Education Manager (DEM) to stop working because she did not have a credit in English. However, she was not given a termination letter. She was conversely advised to go back to school and acquire a credit in English, only then would she be reemployed. “After I successfully obtained the credit in English, I sent the results to the DEM who then told me that my file was lost. I was however reassured that I would be reemployed along with the next cohort” Kambula explained.

The next cohort popped up, but her name was nowhere to be seen. What followed was a series of excuses and empty promises as she was not to be reemployed for the next 5 years.

Being the fighter that she is, Kambula decided to take the fight to the OoO in April 2017. Investigations by the OoO confirmed the matter and concluded that Kambula was a victim of administrative malpractice.

In a letter dated 6th August 2018, the District Commissioner Mr E.R Nema concurred with the findings by the OoO, and a suggestion which had been made by the District Education Manager Mr C. Kagonegone.

“There was an omission of duty for not making official communication in writing to Mrs Christina Kambula when it was discovered that she did not possess the required grades in English. We are of the same view as suggested by the District Education Manager to restart the process of introducing her into the government system as IPTE 6 teacher” read the letter in part.

Kambula could not contain her joy when she was told through the OoO she had been reinstated and should commence work from the 20th September 2018. She will also be given salary arrears of 6 years.“I honestly can’t believe I have been reemployed! It was so unexpected, I still feel like this could be a dream. I will always be grateful for what this office has done for me,” she said.

As she exited the office to begin a new chapter in her life, she seemed to walk with a renowned purpose. A purpose which had been restored to her when the Ombudsman championed her fight against administrative malpractice.

Published by: henri Kachisi
published on: 2018-10-26 - 16:01:00