The Office of the Ombudsman has received complaints and concerns from individuals, communities and other stakeholders over mismanagement and abuse of Constituency Development Fund (CDF), Local Development Fund (LDF), District Development Fund (DDF), Community Managed Socio-Economic Project Fund (COMSEP) and other sources of projects in the local councils. In pursuant of its investigative powers conferred by section 123 of the Republic of Malawi Constitution, the Office is embarking on a systemic investigation to probe into the allegations. The Office of the Ombudsman is, therefore, calling for information from everyone who may have information related to the investigation.

Scope of the Call for the Information

Interested persons (Village Development Committees, individuals, Area Development Committees and District Development Committees, CSO’s, faith groups and research consultants) are invited to submit any relevant information concerning observed and reported instances of abuse and mismanagement of the funds. In particular, but not limited to, the Office is interested in instances or matters related to the following maladministration acts:

  1. Improper usage of funds-Spending of development funds on items not covered by the funds;
  2. Failure to follow procurement and implementation procedures;
  3. Failure to enforce supply of standard equipment and goods i.e. procuring substandard equipment and goods;
  4. Failure to work diligently i.e. procuring goods and services on prices above expected and reasonable prices, and existing of expiry items procured by the development funds;
  5. Failure to account for funds or items procured i.e. development funds have been used but there are no or incomplete projects on the ground;
  6. Failure to enforce project standards i.e. substandard and unfinished projects;
  7. Failure to provide information to the public and project beneficiaries i.e. district councils not providing adequate information to communities on budgets and procured items;
  8. Failure to discipline officials i.e. Local councils and other relevant authorities are not acting on reported instances or matters of abuse and mismanagement of the funds.

Submission of the Information

All the information should be submitted to:

The Ombudsman,

Private Bag 348,

Lilongwe 3.


Alternatively, the submissions can be made through our Facebook (Office of the Ombudsman-Malawi – or Twitter account (Office of the Ombudsman Malawi - @OfficeoftheOmb1) pages. Concerned people or communities can also send normal text messages or WhatsApp messages to the following numbers:

Southern Region: +265 999 944 774

Eastern Region: +265 996 053 267

Central Region: +265 881 101 571

Northern Region: +265 999 317 418

The submissions which should contain full names and contact phone numbers of those concerned should be made by 20th December, 2019. The Office would like to assure the general public that names and identities of those who will submit relevant documentation will not be revealed and the information submitted will be treated with confidentiality and used to ascertain merits of the allegations.

Published by: henri kachisi
published on: 2019-10-17 - 10:31:42