about us: mission and vision


The Office of the Ombudsman is mandated by the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi (Sec 123 ) , “ To investigate any and all cases where it is alleged that the person has suffered injustice and it does not appear that there is any remedy reasonably available by way of proceedings in a court or there is no other practicable remedy”.


A Malawi Free of Maladministration


To safeguard administrative justice and promote efficient and effective public service delivery and good governance

Core Values

Respect and Fairness
We treat all people with courtesy and dignity as well as act reasonably,impartially, just, unbiased and in an equitable manner.
We act honestly, morally and in good faith.
We strive to help the public to report incidences of maladministration and encourage MDAs to resolve complaints internally.
We adhere to the laws, policies and directions including reporting obligations.


  • Receiving and investigating complaints of alleged maladministration by Public Institutions.
  • Conducting Systemic Investigations.
  • Determine appropriate remedies.

Strategic Goal

  • To have iproved accountability and responsiveness in Public Service Delivery
  • To have a public well aware of Administrative Justice processes and governance on related issues.
  • To have fully established relationships with Stakeholders.
  • To have a strengthened institutional capacity.