Ministry of Education Science and Technology

Mr. Enoch Sibande Vs Ministry of Education Science and Technology

The Complainant alleges that his daughter was suspended from Chamalaza Primary School in January 2015 for keeping hair on religious grounds. It is the Complainants’ story that his daughter had missed half a term school session through suspension. He tried to talk to the headmaster and the District Education Manager (DEM) but to no avail. After successfully relaying to the headmaster that the Complainant’s daughter has religious and educational right to enjoy. The Malawian Constitution allows people to hold religious beliefs of their choice as stipulated under section 33 which reads “every person has a right to freedom of conscience, religion, belief and though…” as such the student was treated unfairly by being suspended. The Respondent was informed of the legal position and the child was allowed back to school in September 2015